We offer our partnership to people who want to build software for greater good. You get a fully functional software development team, which will collaborate with you to clarify, plan and implement your idea. Our team will be fully committed and dedicated to your cause.

We use an agile software development process to eliminate waste, have regular release cycles, gather users feedback and respond to changes. We enjoy interacting with business people, domain experts and users, to better understand their problems and propose appropriate solutions.

We rely on industry proven open source technologies to build quality and scalable software. We have expert knowledge in Java, Spring, Scala, Play Framework, JavaScript, React and many others. We have deployed complex and scalable software solutions with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS and Google Cloud.

No matter if you have a rough idea or a detailed specification, our team will build on it and help you release a high quality product.



By taking the time to really understand our partners vision and requirements, we’re able to deliver results that truly make an impact. Take a look at our most recent work.


ScaiVision is an intuitive deep learning software for single-cell data analysis. It helps to discover rare biosignatures in a time-efficient manner. ScaiVision is a product of Scailyte AG, a Swiss-based leading startup company in the rapidly growing markets of Single-Cell Biology and Artificial Intelligence.

The product allows its users to upload and analyze rich data-sets consisting of hundreds of parameters from millions of individual cells. The huge amount of data that needs to be stored, processed and visualized puts many technical challenges on the  presentation, application and data tiers. We started building the application from scratch and after a year and a half we had a working beta version. Right now we are working on the next big set of features.

"The collaboration between New Branch and us is so good, that it feels like we are one team. We are very confident with a partner like that."

Dr. Peter Nestorov CEO @ Scailyte AG



Newstag's​ mission is to create the worlds most relevant and sustainable news source. Their innovative business model allows them to serve content from the finest news organisations in the world, and at the same time to support causes and research related to the UN´s 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Newstag's award winning mobile-first application enables users to create and watch their own personalized video channels consisting of news and causes they find relevant.

Since we started working together we have helped them design, develop and maintain some of their most critical systems. We have completely rebuilt their videos storage and retrieval services to improve performance, reliability and search accuracy. Implemented new user authentication flows through social network accounts from Facebook and Google. We have created new CMS(content management system) which enables its editors to process more news and manage other related content.


"We have been working together for more than 3 years. In that time New Branch has helped us improve our product, respond to changes and continue our journey."

Mats Ekholm CTO @ Newstag



We would love to hear from you and become partners. We believe that together we can make the world a better place. 

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