This is the core idea behind our company, which unites our team and keeps us motivated to do our job in the best possible way.

Our team loves finding real solutions to real problems and has more than ten years experience of building high quality software. We have experience in many technologies and development practices, which allows us to choose the best tools for every project and business. Even so, our passion for knowledge and exploration drives us all the time to learn and look for new ways to improve. This makes us a powerful partner for people with bold vision and ambitious goals.

We will do our best to turn your idea into reality. Our team will help you clarify, plan and validate your vision, on time and on budget. During this journey you will understand the true meaning of commitment, transparency, respect and courage. 

Ventsislav Buhlev

Founder & Software Developer

Experienced software engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He considers himself lucky for working what he loves. His hobbies are yoga, meditation, Wing Tsun and exploring new technologies. 

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Nikolay Bankin

Software Developer

Always curious and eager to learn. Enjoys teaching from preschool LEGO robotics, to high school low level C, to professional level courses like Databases, OOP, Java and more. Always finds free time for sports and beer with his friends.

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Martin Terziisky

Software Developer

Computer science graduate from Sofia university, math and statistic fan, with passion for front end development. Loves exploring new problem domains and solving real problems.

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